November 12, 2001, 12:00 AM

Mercado launches new version of its search software

Mercado Software has released version 5 of its IntuiFind search software that searches unstructured documents in addition to structured product catalogs and offers results in a browse format.

Online retailers today recognize the importance of the search function. In fact, reports that improving search contributed to a 150% improvement in its rate of converting browsers to buyers. And so any improvements to the search function are welcome.

Today, Fremont, CA-based Mercado Software Inc. released version 5 of its IntuiFind search software. This version of IntuiFind searches unstructured documents in addition to structured product catalogs and supports more than 200 file formats. It also offers results in a browse format, meaning that it groups results by categories, then lets the user look in each category for the product being sought.

Mercado offers a search on the term “printer” as an example. When a customer enters "printer" into the search, IntuiFind returns a list of all printer-related items including accessories. Dynamic browse then analyzes the results and groups them into printer and accessory categories as well as relevant attribute groups such as price, manufacturer, or brand. A customer then selects from the generated options to focus on the desired products. The combination of search and browse works for customers who know exactly what they are seeking and customers who need guidance to find what is available on the site.

"We are enthusiastic about IntuiFind`s browse capabilities," said Gary Beberman, director of technical research at "As they do in our stores, customers like follow-up help in finding meaningful products. With browse, our e-commerce site can begin a dialog with customers about the product features most important in what they choose to buy. "


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