October 17, 2001, 12:00 AM

Audio infomercials take to the web

ePublicEye has launched the Safe Shopping Radio Network, which features 3-minute, made-for-Internet audio infomercials.

Los Angeles-based ePublicEye has launched the Safe Shopping Radio Network, which the company says features e-retailers in 3-minute, made-for-Internet audio infomercials that offer consumers answers to the company`s top five most frequently asked questions.

"For ePublicEye the case for adding audio was clear. Almost every Internet shopper has a few critical questions that must be answered before he/she makes a purchase. Audio FAQ`s help e-retailers communicate more effectively with first-time visitors and provide sound answers at that critical point of decision where the shopper is considering making a purchase," says Errol Smith, co-founder of ePublicEye. "Moreover, our preliminary test confirmed that audio FAQ`s help raise the comfort level of online shoppers by giving them a better sense of who is behind the web site, how knowledgeable they are about their products and services and how customer friendly the company is.”

In addition, the Safe Shopping Radio Network has a viral marketing and shopper rewards system built into it. Shoppers who listen to the retailer`s audio FAQ`s may be offered a discount as an incentive to pass the audio program on to a friend via e-mail. The company says retailers can change the discount amount at any time and as frequently as they wish, experimenting till they find the incentive that generates the most referral traffic.

The company reports that 70 retail sites have signed up for an audio listing on the Safe Shopping Radio Network; 26 have already been added to the search engine that the site offers and appear at the top of the search results in their respective categories. Participating retailers include Truly Yours Gifts & Collectibles, Pinultimate Pins and Brooches, Electronic Books & Articles and Marwest Access Controls Inc.

Retailers can sample the service at http://pe.epubliceye.com/fl/companies.cfm?key=72

ePublicEye.com is a service that allows buyers to rate e-businesses for reliability, privacy and customer satisfaction in 5 languages. It serves over 20,000 registered merchants in 96 countries.

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