October 4, 2001, 12:00 AM

Beenz jumps back to life

Carlson Marketing Group of Minneapolis has acquired the defunct online currency Beenz.com.

In a surprise revival of a dead dot-com, Carlson Marketing Group of Minneapolis has acquired the defunct online currency Beenz.com. Carlson operates loyalty and customer relationship marketing programs. It plans to use the Beenz product as a customer loyalty feature for consumer packaged goods, a company spokesman tells Internet Retailer.

With the Beenz program, a manufacturer could imprint a unique code on each product package. Customers who have registered for the manufacturer’s loyalty program would go online and enter the code into a registration form and thus receive points for buying the product. Such a program would give manufacturers detailed information about their customers.

With the deal, Carlson Marketing Group will acquire:
--The Beenz transaction engine, which allowed consumers to earn and spend Beenz and retailers to accept Beenz orders online in real-time and the Beenz hardware and proprietary software which beenz.com developed in-house and which managed the Beenz consumer accounts network.
--The RewardzCodes division - a patented technology which allows businesses to reward consumers digitally via codes printed on all product packaging.
--The Beenz brand with more than 5 million registered accounts worldwide.

The technology and intellectual property assets of Beenz.com will be integrated into Gold Points Rewards, a subsidiary of Carlson Marketing Group. Gold Points Rewards is a consumer loyalty program that rewards its members both online and offline each time they use their card at participating partners. The Beenz technology and systems gives Carlson ability to administer programs at a greater level of detail, the spokesman says.

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