September 5, 2001, 12:00 AM

A new service to help eBay buyers launches today

AuctionBlitz today announced the official launch of an Internet-based service to help eBay buyers place last-second bids on auctions.

AuctionBlitz, Inc. today announced the official launch of, an Internet-based service that helps eBay buyers place last-second bids on auctions at eBay, eBay Motors, and eBay International sites, with plans to support additional auction sites in the future.

"The idea for was born from personal experience," said Steve Zimmerman, company founder. "Although there are numerous resources to help eBay sellers track and manage auctions, we found that the resources available to help buyers were surprisingly limited. We created to give buyers equal footing."

Unlike other bidding software that must be downloaded and run from the user`s own computer, submits bids on behalf of its users from servers connected to the Internet. As a result, AuctionBlitz users can place unattended bids within the closing seconds of eBay auctions without having their computers turned on. To prevent bids from being placed too late, constantly monitors Internet traffic and automatically accounts for network congestion when submitting bids.

" makes it easier to purchase the rare books I`m looking for," says Walter G. Winter, owner and curator of Blue Ridge Book Gallery. "With AuctionBlitz, I can bid much more aggressively because other collectors don`t know I`m interested in a book until it`s too late to outbid me."

Users can schedule bids for multiple auction items and then instruct the service to stop bidding as soon as one of the bids is a winner. offers unlimited-usage memberships starting at $13.99 a year.

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