July 11, 2001, 12:00 AM

Albertsons.com’s orders explode 300% in two days

Albertsons.com’s orders grew 300% this week as Webvan folded. Its online store is adding two store-pick locations in the Puget Sound area.


Since Webvan announced its shutdown on Monday, Albertsons.com has seen a 300% increase in web orders, the company says. As a result, Albertsons.com is expanding its Seattle area presence by adding two fulfillment stores to its “store-pick” method of filling online grocery orders. It says it stands ready to expand to other stores if growth in demand contiues.

"We are seeing phenomenal growth this week in our online orders," said Patrick Steele, executive vice president of information systems and technology for Albertson`s Inc. "By utilizing our existing brick and mortar infrastructure and online technology platform, we are able to quickly add new fulfillment stores and handle the surge in business. Based on demand, Albertson`s is ready to add more fulfillment stores as necessary. In traditional grocery terms, handling this increase in volume would be roughly equivalent to building a super-store in three weeks -- a process which normally takes about a year.”

Alberston’s accepts the grocery orders online, then fills and delivers them from stores near where the recipient lives. It also provides a store pick-up option. With the two new fulfillment stores in Tacoma and Marysville, Albertsons.com now covers more than 100 zip codes in the Seattle/Tacoma/Everett area.

The grocery chain launched the pick up service in the area in June 2000.

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