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Retailers who want to use the ZoomView or the Flash presentation have three options: They can buy the web content and production services from Viewpoint, they can contract for the content from producers that work with Viewpoint, or they can hire Viewpoint’s training staff to teach an in-house staff how to produce the content. Retailers who use ZoomView have no additional costs to create the images, since the photos exist already for use in other media. The cost of converting the image to be used in ZoomView is less than $100. The cost of using Viewpoint’s display technology ranges from $2,000 a year to $50,000 depending on size and quantity of the files and frequency of use.



Tracking the shopper’s actions



To help retailers calculate ROI on its technology, Viewpoint incorporates tracking services into its offerings. That tracking service can tell what a customer looked at, for how long, what the customer zoomed in on and how the customer manipulated the image.


The market for zoom technology is large. Some estimates put the selling portion

of zoom at $1 billion a year right now. On top of that, they add training of

personnel and education about products for another $10 billion.

To Viewpoint, the zoom technology is the way to create a web shopping experience

that will more closely resemble the real world-and that will lead to increased

sales. “The main thrust of what Viewpoint provides is the ability to increase

site stickiness and conversion of browsers into buyers, while keeping the costs

down,” Johnston says. “This allows retailers to create an engaging shopping

experience on the web.”



eTail 2001 Agenda




Technology Workshops




Tuesday July 31, 9:30-4:00



9:30-12:30: Workshop A: Bring Life to Your Merchandise, Profits to Your Organization and Loyal, Satisfied Customers to Your Business: An In-Depth Look at the Impacts of Online Merchandising, Chris Johnston, vice president of product marketing, Viewpoint


12:30-1:30: Lunch



1:30-4:30: Workshop B: Work Together With the Group to Create, Analyze & Evaluate a Hypothetical Company, Bo Laseter, founder & president of strategy, Totality Corp.



Day 1



8:00-8:30: Continental Breakfast, registration, opportunity to view the exhibition area



8:30-8:40: Chairman’s Opening Address



8:40-9:20: Transforming Your E-Commerce Site Into “Web-Tainment”: A Compelling Medium For Customer Acquisition and Retention, David Lauren, chief creative & marketing officer, Ralph Lauren Media and Polo.com



9:20-10:00: Implementing a Flawless, Multi-Channel Fulfillment Operation That Is Both Accurate and Cost Effective to Meet the Growing Expectations of Today’s Consumers, Dan Korn, executive vice president, Neiman Marcus Online


10:00-10:45: Break



10:45-11:25: Profit is Now an Imperative! Building a Business Model and Process to Meet the Challenge, Dennis Bowman, senior vice president & CIO, Circuit City Stores



11:25-12:05: Building and Maintaining a Loyal Customer Base in a World of Diminishing Budgets and Rising Competition, Gene Domecus, senior vice president e-commerce, Macys.com



12:05-12:45: “Schtick & Mortar”: Teamwork + Passion + Vision = Profitability, Mark Bressler, managing director, Towerrecords.com


12:45-2:00: Lunch



2:00-2:40 Track A: Identifying Opportunities and Overcoming the Challenges of Expanding Your Brand Across Channels, Cathy David, general manager, Target.com Track B: Transitioning Your Brand Online: A Manufacturer’s Perspective, Ann Acierno, senior vice president & general manager, Estee Lauder Cos. Online



2:45-3:25: Track A: Identifying How Interactive Product Visualization is Revolutionalizing Online Retail, Jeffrey Sugerman, CEO, Point Cloud

Track B: Developing a Real-Time Inventory Management System that Maximizes Supply Chain Efficiency to Ensure Customer Satisfaction Throughout the Order Process, Gene Rosadino, president of Direct & senior vice president of Supply Chain, Zany Brainy


3:25-4:10: Break



4:10-4:50: Track A: Cracking the Code to Online Merchandising: Turning the Clues Your Customers Are Giving You Into a Satisfying Shopping Experience and Increased Conversion Rates, Julie Bornstein, general manager, Internet, Nordstrom.com Track B: Optimizing Operation Performance: Overcoming the Complexity of E-tail Applications and Infrastructure, Michael Carrier, CTO & founder, Totality Corp.



4:55-5:35: Track A: Putting Muscle Into Your Online Arm: Leveraging Your Offline Operation to Create a Profitable E-commerce Business, Monica Luechtefeld, executive vice president, e-commerce, Office Depot Track B: Harnessing the Power of Permission E-mail Marketing to Break Through the Clutter and to Reach Your Target Market, Melanie Angermann, vice president of marketing, JCPenney.com



5:35-6:30: Roundtable Discussion Groups



6:30-8:00: Cocktail Reception



Day 2



8:00-8:30: Breakfast



8:30-8:40: Chairman’s Opening Address



8:40-9:20: Devising a Customer-Centric Approach: Differentiating Your Business Through the Delivery of Superior Customer Service to Build Loyalty and Instill Brand Confidence, Bill Bass, senior vice president e-commerce & international, Lands’ End



9:20-10:00: Walk-In...Log-In...Call-In...Mastering Multi-Channel Retailing from Back End to Front End, Susan Harvey, senior vice president & managing director, Bloomingdales.com


10:00-10:45: Break



10:45-11:25: Restructuring the Business Model to Serve the Multi-Channel Customer: A Sears Case Study, Dennis Honan, vice president & general manager, customer direct, Sears, Roebuck and Co.



11:25-12:05: Establishing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances to Leverage Your Assets: Core Business Competencies, Brand Equity, Capital Investments, Technology, John Barbour, CEO, Toysrus.com



12:05-12:45: Where Are Your Customers Coming From? Utilizing In-Depth Customer Knowledge to Understand What Really Brings Dollars to Your Site, Gian Fulgoni, chairman & co-founder, comScore Networks


12:45-1:45: Lunch



1:45-2:25: Track A: Utilizing Advanced Visualization Technology to Facilitate Interactivity and Dynamically Merchandise Products to Increase Sales, Robert Rice, president & CEO, Viewpoint Track B: Striving For Profitability: Devising Ways To Get There Faster, Ken Weil, vice president of new media, VictoriasSecret.com



2:30-3:10: Track A: Making Customer Data Work For You: Strategically Managing Customer Data to Increase Conversion Rates, Sean Kaldor, vice president, e-commerce, Nielsen//NetRatings

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