May 31, 2001, 12:00 AM

Video e-mail campaigns pump up the open rate and click-throughs

Quicksilver and Drexel Harris experience high viewership of video e-mails. The retailers sought brand awareness and got viewership of more than 20% for their e-mails.

E-mail marketing company MindArrow, which markets its MindArrow Messenger product to retailers and manufacturers, says its video e-mail promotions generate a click-through rate of 13.5%. That compares to 1.5% for regular direct mail, 3.8% for rich media banner ads, and 5.4% for opt-in emails. “Video e-mails are as compelling at TV advertising,” says Scott Altman, director of marketing. “Consumers today are used to seeing ads in a multi-media format. When you move to rich media, you are able to communicate information in a format that is more engaging to the recipient.”

For furniture retailer Drexel Harris, which offered 10% off coupons through a video e-mail message, 24% of recipients opened and viewed the e-mail. Typical open rates for e-mail are below 10%. MindArrow says 85% of those who viewed the message clicked through to the hyperlinks for the store. Within the first week, the retailer said coupons showed up in showrooms around the country. “Drexel said using the video messages gave them an opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive customers to the web site,” Altman says.

In another example, Quicksilver, a surfing and outdoor clothing line, used video messages to promote its sponsorship of a surfing contest. The e-mails, which were sent to 21,500 people, had 20% viewership and 61% clicked through to at least one hyperlink on the message, Altman reports.


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