April 30, 2001, 12:00 AM

How a small over-the-counter remedy marketer used online sales to create offline success

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Pure Lip believes its plan to get on retail shelves can be replicated-and it’s preparing to test that theory. Moffitt says Pure Lip is working on other cold sore products and other over-the-counter topical products. And its e-mail campaign may be just the trick for getting on grocery and mass market retail shelves.


Although Pure Lip has the added leverage of already being on retail shelves it is still an uphill battle to bump one product off the shelf in favor of a new item. “The burden of proof is on us to show that our product is better than another product,” Moffitt says. “One thing we can do is use the drugstore e-mail campaign to establish the viability of a new product.” Clearly, one thing Moffitt has been able to prove is the viability of the Pure Lip model. l


A sampling

of fan mail




“I have been a cold sore sufferer all my life, and have found little relief ... Pure Lip is my savior. Please carry it in your stores.”


“I haven’t had a cold sore in six months! Exactly the length of time I have been using Pure Lip. The other cold sore medicines at Eckerd never worked the way Pure Lip works.”


“Every winter my wife would get a number of cold sores. You can imagine the happiness that she now has and I can kiss her throughout the winter. Pure Lip has been great for my wife’s cold sores and our marriage.”


“I have been a silent sufferer

of cold sores since my early childhood. I ordered 8 tubes back in March and this has been the best money I have spent in years.”

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