March 28, 2001, 12:00 AM

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Color-correction technology provider E-color this year came up with data that tie server-side color correction to e-retailers’ ROI. Visitors to, an E-color’s client, were more than five times more likely to purchase items if their display was e-color corrected. E-color, which also counts apparel seller Joseph A. Banks’ web site and Cornerstone Brands web stores such as among its clients, guarantees that e-retailers using its color-correction technology will gain at least a 25% increase in conversions-or they don’t pay the vendor. “We’ve built in ROI calculations that measure conversion rates for the customer and they can get them on the web in real time,” says Peter Bernard, vice president of products and marketing at the San Francisco-based company.


“Admittedly, our technology affects one element of the site and not others. We realize that e-retailers have a lot on their plates and have to balance cost with investment,” says Bernard, who adds that the technology is built so it doesn’t require clients to buy new hardware to support it. Indeed, technology bells and whistles without data to support return on investment may be nothing more than sideshows that distract from what e-retailers really must deliver to win consumers online, Stanger says.


And what’s that?



“There’s a supply side to this equation,” he says. “While it’s fine to say that consumers want to do these things online, can retailers actually satisfy that demand in a way that’s economical? That’s a barrier that needs to be overcome in order to take advantage of the demand potential that we believe is out there in many categories-including apparel.” l






Leading online apparel purchases



1. Women’s accessories such as belts, bags, scarves and jewelry

2. Men’s underwear, sunglasses and men’s sportswear

3. Men’s accessories

4. Kids’ apparel

5. Men’s shoes

6. Baby and toddler clothing

7. Plus-sizes

8. Men’s clothing


Source: BizRate

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