February 2, 2001, 12:00 AM

Surviving the shakeout: E-retailers adopt many strategies to assure their future

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Day Two will feature Kenny Kurtzman, CEO of Ashford.com; Bill Price, vice president and general manager, customer service of Amazon.com; Sally McKenzie, deputy vice president of merchandising and operation, I-media, Eddie Bauer; Sam Taylor, vice president, international, Lands’ End; William van Cleave, vice president of marketing of FTD.com; Howard Blumenthal, SVP, media of CDNow; Jon C. Nordmark, president and CEO, eBags; Ray Arthur, CFO and SVP, ToysRUs.com; Greg Hawkins, CEO, Buy.com; Douglas Nottage, director, advanced technology, Autobytel.com; Mike Merrill, chairman and CEO of ephones; Katie Schumacher, vice president, operations and fulfillment of Wine.com; Tim Zuckert, vice president and chief marketing officer, 800.com; and Michael Bridge, chief marketing officer, hpshopping.com.


ETail 2001 Agenda


8:30-8:40: Chairman’s Opening Address

8:40-9:20: Leveraging Your Existing Offline Business to Achieve Profitability, Mark Goldstein, CEO, BlueLight.com

9:20-10:00: Developing a Single View of Your Customer Regardless of the Medium in Which They Transact: Inte-grating Bricks, Clicks and Catalogs, Shelley Nandkeolyar, vp, e-commerce, Williams-Sonoma

10-10:45: Break

10:45-11:25: Successfully Developing a Profitable Click-and-Mortar Enterprise: A J.C. Penney Case Study, Paul Pappajohn, president, e-commerce, JCPenney.com

11:25-12:05: The Complete E-Contact Center: Building, Strengthening and Sustaining Customer Relationships with Successful eCRM, Pradeep Singh, founder and CEO, Talisma

12:05-12:45: Analyzing the VictoriasSecret.com 360 Degree Strategy: The Power of a Multi-Channel Approach, Anne Marie Blaire, director, Internet brand development, Intimate Brands

12:45-2:00: Lunch

2:00-2:40: Track A: Capturing More Buyers Through Data Analysis and Modeling, Hollis Fishelson-Holstine, SVP, R&D;, Fair, Isaac. Track B: Revolutionizing the Way We Shop with Interactive TV: Will Online Shopping Move into the Sitting Room? Patrick McHugh, group director, e-commerce, J Sainsbury PLC

2:45-3:25: Track A: Developing a State of the Art Multi-Channel Fulfillment Operation to Improve Customer Service and Meet the Growing Expectations of Your Customers, Ted Augustine, SVP and chief logistics officer, eToys Inc. Track B: Transitioning from the Internet to Catalog to Brick and Mortar: Growing into a Multi-Channel Retailer, Vicki Reed, VP marketing, Lucy.com

3:25-4:10: Break

4:10-4:50: Track A: Successfully Managing a Virtual Warehouse Model: A Garden.com Case Study, James N. O’Neill, co-founder, former COO, Garden.com. Track B: It’s Not Just About the Customer: Understanding that b2b and b2c are Equally Important, Michael Wolfe, VP, products, Kana Communications

4:55-5:35: Track A: Maximizing the Power of the E-mail Marketing to Grow Profitable Customer Relationships, Jeffrey Sheahan, president, COO, Egghead.com. Track B: Finding Your Pathway to Profitability: Building a Successful Internet Strategy that Balances Old Economy Values with Dot-Com Capabilities, Mark Bressler, managing director, Towerrecords.com


9:00-9:10: Chairman’s Opening Address

9:10-9:50: Developing a Strategy to Reach Profitability and Survive in the E-Retail Shakedown, Kenny Kurtzman, CEO, Ashford.com

9:50-10:30: Assessing the Critical Components of Customer Service and Developing a Model to Overcome CRM Challenges and Enhance Customer Loyalty, Bill Price, VP, general manager of customer service, Amazon.com

10:30-11:15: Break

11:15-11:55: Clicks, Flips and Bricks: Successfully Synchronizing Multi-Channels to Create a Seamless Shopping Experience, Sally McKenzie, deputy VP merchandising and operations, i-media, Eddie Bauer

11:55-12:35: Track A: Ten Keys to Going Global-The Lands’ End Experience, Sam Taylor, VP, international, Lands’ End. Track B: Moving an Existing Offline Brand into the New Economy, William van Cleave, VP marketing, FTD.com

12:35-1:45: Lunch

1:45-2:25: Track A: Refining Your Content Management Strategy to Achieve Interactivity and Increase Your Customer Conversion Rate, Howard Blumenthal, SVP, media, CDNow. Track B: B2C2B: Analyzing the Profit Potential for Retailers Entering the B2B Marketplace, Jon Nordmark, president, eBags

2:30-3:10: Track A: The War is Not Over: Developing Success Strategies to Gain Control and Manage Fulfillment and Returns Operations, Nikki Gore, VP, marketing, Baker Street Technologies

Track B: Analyzing the Latest Cycle of Click-and-Mortar Partnerships and How Both Bricks and Clicks are Maximizing Productivity and Generating Overlapping Tracks, Ray Arthur, CFO and SVP, Toysrus.com

3:10-3:55: Break

3:55-4:35: Track A: Determining the Impact of Mobile Com-merce on Your Online Retail Strategy, Greg Hawkins, CEO, Buy.com; Douglas Nottage, director advanced technology, Autobytel.com; Mike Merrill, chairman, CEO, Ephones.
Track B: Re-Evaluating Your Current Fulfillment and Returns Process: Outsourcing vs. In-House, Katie Schumacher, VP, operations and fulfillment, Wine.com

4:40-5:20: Track A: Hybrid Marketing: Maximizing ROI Through a Balanced Approach, Tim Zuckert, VP, 800.com. Track B: Creating an Individualized Shopping Experience from First Click to Delivery, Mike Bridge, chief marketing officer, HPShopping.com


Exhibitors at eTail 2000

Attendees to the eTail 2001 conference will have the chance to view technology and solutions on display in the exhibit hall. The following leading e-vendors will be on hand:

@themoment provides e-commerce-based dynamic auction or negotiated buying and selling of goods.

AfterBot facilitates how retailers communicate with their customers using an emerging standard known as digital receipt technology.

ComScore Networks is a provider of infrastructure services to e-businesses based on the monitoring of web users.

Fair, Isaac is a global provider of customer analytics and decision technology.

GE Capital will introduce TwinPay, an online payment solution that allows consumers to pay with credit or debit while reducing retailers’ costs and enhancing customer relationships.

Group 1 Software is a leading provider of software for data quality, database marketing, customer relationship documents, and direct marketing applications.

iMediation is a provider of collaborative sales and channel partner management solutions.

Inktomi develops and markets scalable infrastructure software that is essential to the Internet.

Intel is a leading provider of technology enabling e-business.

PointCloud is a leading provider of 3D imaging and photo content management.

Return.com provides complete return logistics for e-retailers.

Right Color provides true-color technology to companies doing business on the web.

Symbol is a global leader in wireless and Internet-based mobile data transaction systems and services.

Talisma Corp. is a full-service provider of electronic customer relationship management solutions.

Vicinity provides e-retail marketing services to help shoppers locate stores through the Internet, telephones, wireless devices and direct mail.

Vividence is a leading provider of customer-experience-management products and services for web customers.

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