January 19, 2001, 12:00 AM

Taking the catalog online with a new browser

While some e-retailers have taken to printing and mailing catalogs, a technology introduced today will allow web shoppers to make retail sites look just like paper catalogs. E-Book Systems Inc., which developed FlipAlbum and FlipAlbum CD Maker, is touting its FlipBrowser (1.0, a Beta version) as a way for consumers to organize their web trips in such a way that what appears on their computer screens will look just like paper pages. FlipBrowser automatically organizes all of the web pages a consumer has viewed into a book-like form with separate pages that can be navigated as a book. This allows users to flip to previously visited pages with a simple turn of a page. Bookmarks appear at the side of the pages of the e-book. As an e-book viewer, FlipBrowser can view anything that has a book-like form--such as photo albums, product catalogs, manuals, magazines and novels. "We know that e-book users want the experience of turning pages instead of scrolling," Seng-Beng Ho, President of E-Book Systems said in a press release, "and with FlipBrowser they can finally have it." FlipBrowser is also multimedia-enabled for audio and video. It supports page printing and is compatible with all IE 5.01 plug-ins. It requires a Pentium PC 166Mhz or higher, Internet Explorer 5.01 or above, 32 MB RAM, 9 MB hard disk space and Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT 4.0.


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