January 19, 2001, 12:00 AM

Program Gives New Meaning To "Net"

Since June 28, Arkansas hunting and fishing licenses, and a variety of other stamps and permits, have been available for purchase directly from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission web site, www.agfc.com. Through software developed by online government solutions provider Information Network of Arkansas, anyone with an Internet connection, a credit card and a printer can purchase and print a valid license, 24x7, says the Arkansas office.

By clicking the License Information icon from the AGFC site, users are given access to menus that direct them to purchasing their license online. Users are asked to provide their name, address and other information, as well as the type of licenses and permits they wish to purchase. After entering these choices, the user types in a credit card number and prints the valid license or permit directly from their home printer. Each license is encoded with a unique number that verifies its authenticity.

While the online license system is still relatively new, it has been extremely popular with hunters and anglers, the commission says. More than 1,000 hunting and fishing licenses have been purchased directly from the web site in less than two months, it says.

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