January 19, 2001, 12:00 AM

One Out of Three Shoppers Left with Sour Taste

In a study just released by NFO Interactive, 266 of the 759 respondents (35%) purchasing products online in the past six months indicated having a bad experience while shopping online. Common bad experiences include: credit card fraud, not receiving an item in time, never receiving the product, or receiving merchandise that wasn't as expected.

Among those having a bad online shopping experience, excluding credit card fraud, nearly one-third stopped making purchases at the site where the bad experience occurred. Roughly another one-third of these respondents became selective about which web sites products/services would be purchased.

Of those respondents that have experienced credit card fraud specifically or know of someone that has (17%), half became selective about the web sites where they would make purchases. The study also showed that:

- 14% of online purchasers aware of credit card fraud (128 shoppers) stopped shopping online either permanently or briefly.

- 16% of online purchasers that had a bad experience, aside from credit card fraud (191 shoppers) stopped shopping online either permanently or briefly.

NFO Interactive is a division of NFO Worldwide, a market research firm.

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