January 19, 2001, 12:00 AM

A Star Is Born

A HREF="http://www.starcd.com">*CD has unveiled a new service that allows consumers toidentify the song, performer and CD title of music playing over the airwaves and then purchase it over the Internet or via telephone and hand-held wireless devices, such as Palm VIIs and WAP phones. Using proprietary computer technologies, Philadelphia-based ConneXus monitors radio broadcasts nationwide, identifying songs as they are being aired. This information is then relayed to *CD computers where it is posted on the Internet and, in select markets, to an automated telephone ordering system for consumers to learn more about the music played on their favorite radio stations and purchase it immediately.

On the Web, consumers can access *CD by logging onto www.starcd.com and review interactive play lists from radio stations *CD currently monitors and tracks. The service allows listeners to drill down on a station's play list, identifying recently played music, along with the name of the performer, the title of the CD, as well as other CDs from the artists. Sound samples accompany CD descriptions, the company says.

On WAP phones, radio listeners can key in the www.starcd.com/wap to identify a song just heard on the radio, and then follow prompts to listen to the song.

*CD's national trial includes 523 radio stations in the top 33 U.S. markets, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Cleveland, Miami and Nashville. The service, which has been available on a test basis in Philadelphia since May 1999, was launched in San Francisco in March 2000. Some of the hundreds of stations available now include New York's WXRK-FM, Los Angeles' KROQ-FM, San Francisco's KZOZ-FM, Boston's WBZ-FM and Nashville's WQQK-FM.

*CD's Internet and wireless Internet and Palm service is available immediately in all trial markets. The company says that it will offer a telephone service soon that will enable consumers to identify music they just heard on their local radio station by dialing CD (*23) on their wireless phone or by entering a local telephone number on any phone and then entering the station's frequency. *CD's telephone service is currently available in Philadelphia by dialing 610-222-SONG; in the Bay Area by dialing 408-222-SONG; and in Seattle by dialing 206-222-SONG. Wireless phone users in Philadelphia (Cellular One) and San Francisco (Pacific Bell) may already dial *CD to use the service, says the company.

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