The 2013 Leading Vendors
to the Top 1000 E-Retailers
Special Digital Edition
Research Guide

A treasure trove of information for online retailers searching for e-commerce technology and services.

There are more than 2,000 vendors of e-commerce technology and services, and they play an indispensible role in the online retail market. They are continually reinventing e-commerce as they expand their product and service lines with innovations that take e-retailing to the next level of performance. In addition, hundreds of new solution providers are emerging with all new products geared to brand new segments of the e-commerce business—from mobile commerce to social media marketing and commerce.

Why is there such a proliferation of e-commerce solutions? The simple answer is that web merchants—driven by a hyper-competitive market—are demanding new and better tools for their e-retail businesses. They are sorting through this growing maize of vendors all the time as they seek to upgrade their retail web sites with the latest technology. In 2012, e-retailers spent about $3 billion on e-commerce technology, according to Gartner Inc., and a recent Internet Retailer survey finds that 68.5% of e-retailers plan to increase their spending on e-commerce applications and services in 2013.

The First Ever Ranking of E-Commerce Vendors

No information source has ranked and compared vendors of these ever-evolving e-commerce technologies and services—until now. Internet Retailer proudly introduces the 2013 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 E-Retailers Guide, which for the first time reveals the leading e-commerce vendors that are driving sales for the largest and fastest-growing online retailers. This first edition research guide comprehensively ranks the Top 10 Vendors in each of 27 e-commerce technology and service categories—from affiliate marketing to web performance management—by the total 2011 e-commerce sales of their clients among the Top 1000 e-retailers in North America. In all, fully 190 leading e-commerce vendors are listed along with detailed information on the top e-retailing clients they serve.

Exclusive Digital Edition—Only $39
All this exclusive data is available in an easy-to-read digital format that allows for quick searches, hyperlinks to vendor sites and much more. Download your copy now!

Key Features

  • Independent Profiles270 profiles of the top 10 vendors in each of 27 categories

  • Detailed Data SummaryPricing, customer names, products and more

  • E-Commerce Market Map27 easily searchable categories

  • Filled With Facts3,780 data points about top vendors

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