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2013 Top 500 Guide®:
A Decade of E-Commerce Data

To be a serious player in the online retailing market, you need to access the industry's bible—the Top 500 Guide®.

At 448 pages, the special 10th Anniversary Edition of this landmark e-commerce research publication—available in a print, digital and online database format—authoritatively ranks the 500 leading players in North American e-retailing based on their 2012 web sales. In addition to providing 235 key data points for each retailer, the research guide offers several new features, including a comprehensive analysis of the past decade of growth for Top 500 retailers by merchant type and merchandising category measured against overall e-commerce patterns and total retail sales, a feature article on e-Bay's resurgence and a special Technology section that chronicles the evolution of e-commerce technology trends and how they have impacted the Top 500 retailers.

This indispensable strategic resource offers a wealth of data to online retailing professionals, revealing financial and operational data on each of the 500 largest retail web sites in the U.S. and Canada. New data includes global shipping destinations by country for each Top 500 retailer and the monthly average paid search spending of each profiled retailer in 2012. Updated elements for the 2013 edition include data on each profiled retailer's 2012 Internet sales, e-mail marketing campaign strategies, social networking affiliations, monthly web traffic and unique visitors, percent of traffic from search engines, Browser Satisfaction Rating for the Top 100, vendors used in 28 solutions areas and much more.

Available in three versions:

  • Print Edition: Order your copy today for just $79.
  • Digital Edition: An intuitive, user-friendly interface grants faster access to data for just $89.
  • Online Database: Visit, the world's largest and most powerful database of competitive e-commerce information, to subscribe for a one-year, single-user license at $239.

Digital Edition Use:
Single-User Licenses Only, Limited Number of Devices per Order, No Exceptions. Please note: This is a digital product; PDF downloads are not available, nor is printing of pages like a PDF. You can download to your computer or laptop to use as an offline tool, but may not print and replicate pages.

The 2014 edition of the Top 500 Guide® is coming soon!

Top 500 Facts

Growth rate in 2012 U.S. e-commerce sales


How much the Top 500 grew in 2012


2012 e-commerce growth rate for Groupon Inc.


Amazon’s 2012 growth rate

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2012 web sales of 500 largest U.S. e-retailers

  • Thorough Analysis243 total metrics per profiled e-retailer: financial, operations, performance and others

  • Comprehensive ScopeA decade of data analyzing growth of Top 500 e-retailers

  • Industry Contacts2,338 online retailing executives

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