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Supply Chain

A curated design marketplace is on the drawing board

A summit’s call to distributors: It’s time to innovate online

Alibaba’s revenue from wholesale e-marketplaces increases 23.5%


Vendor Financials

A B2B marketplace startup gets $10 million in funding’s Q2 revenue rises 38%

B2B and B2C platform provider WebLinc raises new funding


Industry Statistics

Consumers prefer their web shopping done medium

Retailers scramble to adapt supply chain strategies as growth shifts to e-commerce

Many B2B buyers prefer the web for researching and purchasing


Content Management

B2B marketers need to get more involved in creating useful content

Helping B2B customers buy faster

Metro Group builds out cross-channel B2B sales in China


Customer Service

Vitacost is the fastest Top 100 retailer at responding to shoppers on social media

How footwear e-retailer Inkkas turns live chats into sales

L.L. Bean tops e-retail customer service measures in July


E-commerce Platforms

Veterans of e-commerce launch Loop Integration

A new global move: 3M upgrades its e-commerce technology

SolarCity uses SEO to gain traffic after a site redesign


E-Payments & Security

Home Depot says breach affected 56 million payment cards

The most important development in mobile commerce this year?

What Apple Pay means for retailers



Sears adds in-vehicle returns and exchanges to curbside options

UPS adds capacity for the holiday season

A web site crash leads to more global sales for a fashion retailer


Marketing Technology

Before it can even take off, TV commerce goes mobile

A startup uses selfies to help online shoppers find the right fit

U.K. B2B marketers predict 87% revenue growth over the next year


Order Management

Listen up: How Skullcandy speeds orders from customers

Finding a better way to sell flowers to businesses

The web fosters collaboration between B2B sellers and buyers


Performance Management

Back-to-school shoppers give low marks to web and mobile retail sites

Microsoft offers its Azure cloud computing service to Chinese e-retailers

Dropping a 20%-off promo drops mobile page load time by 29%



There’s more work to be done on personalization

Web sites and e-mail represent personalization hot spots

Do you know Shop Around Sally?


Web Site Analytics

AppDynamics gets into the intelligence business

Facebook, eBay and Apple experience web site interruptions

Foreign retail web sites load slowly in China


In-store Systems

China’s top search engine targets bricks-and-mortar retail in Alibaba challenge

Amazon leaps into mobile payments

An e-retailer turns to video game technology to sell men’s suits



Zalando plans an IPO in Germany by the end of 2014

Manufacturers have several options for managing retail pricing

Top 500 fashion retailer runs out of money and is poised to shut down


Client Contracts

eBay changes the way it rates sellers

Amazon wins a CIA web services contract following a court ruling

Dot-Amazon suffers a setback at ICANN


Technology Newsmakers

Mexico-based online retailer Linio raises $79 million

Retail brands register their own top-level domains

Twitter snaps up cloud-based live video platform SnappyTV



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