There's a Lot to "Like"
in the Social Media 500

Published: January 2014

Meet the North American web merchants driving the most
traffic and sales from social media

Web merchants are gaining greater understanding of the rules of engagement with online consumers in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing and commerce. Retailers are increasing sales and traffic from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because they are sharing content in a way that consumers find relevant and compelling enough to take action. In fact, retailers like are even divesting funds away from a tried-and-true tactic like search engine marketing and funneling them into social media advertising instead, according to data garnered from Internet Retailer's 2014 Social Media 500.

The Second Edition of this guide is available via a Digital Edition or Database subscription through At 314 pages, this research publication has been expanded 67% to rank and profile the 500 leading North American e-retailers that have cemented their standing in social marketing and commerce savvy based on the percentage of site traffic they've derived from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. These e-retailers excel at delivering tailored content on social networks and their own sites that engage their always-on customers, cultivating brand ambassadors and boosting their marketing performance and conversion rates in the process. So who are this year's crop of successfully social e-retailers, and how can you emulate their strategies to add value to your social media marketing initiatives?

The 2014 Social Media 500 allows web merchants to benchmark themselves against their peers using key engagement metrics, year-over-year analyses of growth in total site traffic from social media channels, as well as in social commerce sales and other metrics. This treasure trove of competitive business information includes:

• NEW — Expanded rankings and profiles of the 500 most effective social media marketers in North America, ranked on the percentage of site traffic they receive directly from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube

• Exclusive operational and financial metrics relating to each retailer's social strategy, such as 2013 and 2012 social commerce revenue, monthly unique visitors from social networks, conversion rates on social traffic, average order value on purchases stemming from social sites and 2013 and 2012 ad spend on social networks

• The names, addresses and phone numbers for 500 social media marketing executives

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Digital Edition

Internet Retailer now offers research publications in an interactive digital format. The digital version of the 2014 Social Media 500 is not simply an e-book or PDF; there are several value-added custom features available with this digital edition. When you purchase your guide electronically, you can zoom in and flip through pages with ease. An easily navigable interface allows much faster access to data. For example, the listing in the table of contents pages instantly link users to the pages containing each company's profile, and every URL listed in each e-retailer profile is hyperlinked to that retailer's web site, making it easy to move from the profile and data reported on a particular site to that site itself. A keyword search function allows digital subscribers to find all references to a certain word or phrase, enabling users, for example, to search all web sites that use a certain e-commerce solution provider.

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Digital Edition Use: Single-User Licenses Only, Limited Number of Devices per Order, No Exceptions. Please note: This is a digital product; PDF downloads are not available, nor can you print pages like a PDF. You can download the file to your computer or laptop to use as an offline tool, but may not print and replicate pages.


Total 2013 social commerce sales of Social Media 500, in billions


Growth in social commerce sales, 2013 versus 2012


Average conversion rate on social visitors


Total Facebook fan base of the Social Media 500, in millions

Key Features

  • Social SalesYear-over-year 2013/2012 social commerce sales figures

  • Conversion RatesAverages for visits from social networks

  • AnalysisStrategies of the leaders in social commerce

  • Industry ContactsNames, phone numbers and addresses of 500 social media marketing executives

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