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  • Presented by: Insite Software

    A leader in their industry, Thule wanted a B2C experience for their B2B eCommerce customers. After launching on the InsiteCommerce™ Platform, Thule is enjoying higher revenues, higher adoption rates, and happier customers. Listen to their incredible story

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    Date: July, 2014

    In this video, Annie Scopel, Director of North American Customer Service at Thule shares their success of implementing InsiteCommerce with Sitecore for Thule products.

    Thule Video Highlights:

    – Doubled user adoption within 2 months in Canada (a new market)
    – Increased sales volume in North America
    – Automated the complex pre-booking order process
    – Decreased customer service calls

    Watch the video to learn more!

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  • Presented by: Windsor Circle

    Learn how any retailer can increase online sales with data-driven e-mail.

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    Case Study
    Date: January, 2014

    Spangler Candy makes 10 million Dum Dums a day. Millions of consumers enjoy their products, and thousands of businesses order online through

    Now, using Windsor Circle to integrate and analyze purchase history data, Spangler Candy was able to win-back lapsed customers with a targeted data-driven email, helping to generate their highest day of online sales ever.

    In this detailed 15-page case study, you'll learn:

    - How Spangler Candy won back churning customers, with 30% open and 9% click rate (2.2 times 2013 list average!)
    - How to thank new customers using order data, get 45%+ open rates and create repeat buyers.
    - Steps to build a loyalty program, starting with an opt-in campaign, ending with full automation.
    - How to maximize holiday revenue with a big spenders campaign and segmented product recommendations.
    - How Spangler Candy is building a customer engagement program using Windsor Circle's 9 Pillars of Retention Automation Framework.

    Windsor Circle connects Spangler Candy's in-house e-commerce platform to its ExactTarget email account. Learn how any retailer can increase online sales with data-driven e-mail.

    Sponsored by: Windsor Circle