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  • Presented by: Neustar

    Download Neustar’s A–Z Glossary of Personalized Marketing to better understand the components of scaled, personalized marketing.

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    White Paper
    Date: August, 2014

    Personalized marketing. The whole industry's talking about it—but what exactly does it mean? Are we all speaking the same language?

    Get your free glossary now to cut through the jargon. Become fluent in personalized marketing to help your organization reach customers more relevantly and drive sales.

    Download Neustar's A-Z Glossary of Personalized Marketing to learn:

    The meaning of key terms: activation, closed loop, identity, single view and much more
    How the components fit together to enable personalized dialogue at scale
    Success stories of companies that are using real-time insights to identify, segment, target, personalize and win

    Neustar, the first real-time provider of cloud-based information services and data analytics, is pleased to offer this resource free.

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