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  • Presented by: SAS Institute Inc.

    Right item, right price, right location. That combination is the holy grail for every retailer. If it has been elusive in the past, it is no longer, thanks to High-Performance Retailing.

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    White Paper
    Date: February, 2012

    High-Performance Retailing (HPR) takes traditional retailing challenges, such as pricing, inventory and markdowns, and provides unprecedented insights on a SKU-by-SKU, aisle-by-aisle level. Expand the precise, fast and efficient analysis to a regional or national scale, and discover how HPR can boost your company’s bottom line.

    In this white paper, learn about the eight benefits of implementing HPR and how it can:

    • Respond to your customers’ local and seasonal merchandise demands.
    • Maximize retail spaces with the right product mix.
    • Implement new plans that address specific store needs – with amazing speed.

  • Presented by: Adobe

    Get the scoop on what your mobile consumers want most.

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    Industry Reports
    Date: December, 2012

    The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets continues to rise, making it more important than ever for you to make mobile part of your ongoing, long-term business initiatives. To help in this effort, Adobe has released the results of their survey of over 1,200 mobile users and their insights into what devices they use, how they interact with websites and apps, and what they want most out of their mobile experiences across five different industries: Consumer Products, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services, Travel Services, and Media & Entertainment.