Sample Profile

Second 500 Guide


1. Sample Profile

Detailed write-up of each merchant’s latest web retailing strategy and news.

2. Financial

A multi-year history of each retailer’s annual web sales and latest growth rate.

3. Operational

The key traffic, ticket and conversion rate statistics that drive e-retail sales.

4. Management

Headquarters address and contact information; name of the top e-commerce executive.

5. Technical Performance

Metrics on how efficiently shoppers can open and navigate a site.

6. Suppliers

Vendors used by each merchant in 27 different e-commerce solutions categories.

7. Social Media

A breakdown of the major social media sites used by each retailer.

8. Mobile Commerce

Indicates whether or not each retailer has a mobile site and/or mobile app.

9. Web Functions

A breakdown of more than three dozen features and functions that support each retailer’s web store.


The amount by which Second 500 e-retailers grew in 2012


Median merchandise return rate of Second 500 merchants


2012 growth rate of consignment apparel retailer Real Real Inc.


The amount by which Second 500 apparel retailers grew in 2012

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2012 web sales of mid-market e-retailers

  • Thorough AnalysisKey financial, operations, payments & performance metrics

  • Comprehensive ReviewThe content and frequency of merchants’ e-mail marketing strategies

  • Industry ContactsNames of more than 1,200 e-commerce execs

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