What is the Search Marketing Guide?

This research publication is a 208-page resource on the data, trends and market leaders driving search engine marketing. Readers will find extensive proprietary search engine marketing research and analysis, insights from experts on SEM/SEO, case studies on successful search marketing strategies, detailed listings of the top players in search marketing, and the names of hundreds of marketing executives and industry vendors.

What can I learn about the leaders in retail search engine marketing?

The Internet Retailer Search Marketing Guide analyzes the retailers that appear atop Google search results for about 400 significant keywords in online retailing. This detailed analysis for each individual company includes 2012 total points, primary shopping category rank and share percentage, paid and organic traffic from Google, PPC spending data for the last two years, and top keywords for each company.

How is the Search Marketing Guide data compiled?

The starting point for data gathering is the Google results for about 20 keywords across 20 merchandising categories. Internet Retailer measures almost 400 keywords over a period of eight weeks from three different locations, monitoring and assigning point values to the top five e-retailer placements. The results are then totaled by keyword and category, and ranked by total points across all 20 categories. The top 250 retailers are ranked for Paid and Natural search. Non-retail sites are left out of the data collection process.

What sources are used when compiling the Search Marketing Guide data?

Researchers measured Google results using the Internet browser Firefox over a two-month period in the summer of 2012. Monthly search engine traffic data is provided by Experian Hitwise. Average PPC-spending data and additional keywords are from ROI Revolution. Marketing executives and vendors for all companies in the guide are taken from Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide or from the retailer’s web site itself.

Do the Search Marketing Guide rankings change each year?

Yes. Every edition of the Search Marketing Guide has a different set of retailers, because paid and natural Google results for the keywords measured change every day and are vastly different from year to year.

Key Features

  • Search RankingsTop 5 retailers in 20 categories

  • Top Search TermsTop 3 retailers for 400 of the most-searched keywords

  • Case StudiesHow search marketing boosts web sales

  • Industry Contacts500+ e-retailer execs & search marketing providers

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