Internet Retailer's 2014 Mobile 500

Benchmark Your M-Commerce Strategy Against the World's 500 Largest Mobile Commerce Retailers

The swift adoption of mobile web technology by consumers ubiquitously wielding smartphones and tablets continues to forge a brave new world of m-commerce, essentially a second act in the Internet retailing revolution. Are you ready for it? With the 2014 Internet Retailer Mobile 500, which profiles the 500 mobile commerce retail leaders worldwide ranked on 2013 mobile web sales, you'll have the competitive data, strategic insights and market analysis you'll need to thrive in this dynamic industry landscape.

Expanded and completely updated, the 304-page 2014 Mobile 500 is packed with financial, operating, performance and marketing data—in all, 68 data elements per each company—on each of the 500 largest m-commerce retail web sites worldwide in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. The treasure trove of information includes:

  • Expanded rankings to 500 mobile merchants from 400 (new)
  • 2013 and 2012 mobile web sales (updated)
  • Percentage of mobile sales from tablets and related metrics (new)
  • Percentage of mobile sales from smartphones and related metrics (new)
  • Mobile SEO score (new)
  • Comprehensive cover story analyzing key mobile commerce trends (new)
  • Detailed survey story on mobile retailers and their future plans (new)
  • "How to" stories on improving mobile site performance, how mobile sites can be better optimized for search engines and multiple options to launch mobile commerce (new)
  • The percentage of mobile sales from apps (updated)
  • Key mobile operations metrics such as traffic, ticket and conversion (updated)
  • Exclusive mobile web site performance data (updated)
  • Mobile operating system metrics (expanded and updated)
  • Key marketing features (expanded and updated)
  • List of mobile web site features and functions (expanded and updated)
  • Names of top mobile commerce executives (updated)
  • Companies using mobile commerce platform vendors and which ones (updated)
  • Corporate information, including company addresses and executive names and main office numbers (updated)


Onward, Upward and App-ward: Mobile Becomes Mainstream in E-Retailing Sales

  • Web analytics company comScore Inc. reported in March 2013 that 48% of the time U.S. consumers spent with online retail occurred on mobile devices—34% of that time on smartphones and 14% on tablets.
  • Apple updated its App Store this year with enhanced search capabilities and a new wish list feature and updated iTunes by adding the ability to redeem Apple gift cards by snapping a picture of a card with an iPhone’s camera. Internet Retailer estimates that the world’s No. 1 mobile commerce retailer will grow its m-commerce sales by 25% to $8.4 billion this year.
  • Web-only flash-sale retailer reports that mobile commerce already accounts for 40%, or $260 million, of sales; the company anticipates it to account for as much as 60% next year.
  • For web-only men's apparel merchant, 62% of online traffic comes from smartphones and 6% from tablets. The company, which successfully courts Millennials, expects to grow its mobile sales roughly 360% in 2013.

Digital Edition:
Internet Retailer offers research publications in an interactive digital format*. The digital version of the 2014 Mobile 500 is not simply an e-book or PDF; there are several value-added custom features available with this digital edition. When you purchase your guide electronically, you can zoom in and flip through pages with ease. An easily navigable interface allows much faster access to data. For example, the list in the table of contents instantly links users to the pages containing each company's profile, and every URL listed in each e-retailer profile is hyperlinked to that retailer's web site, making it easy to move from the profile and data reported on a particular site to that site itself. A keyword search function allows digital subscribers to find all references to a certain word or phrase, enabling users, for example, to search all web sites that use a certain e-commerce solution provider.


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How fast U.S. mobile commerce grew in 2013


How much Amazon grew m-commerce in 2013


How much Market America, the fastest growing Mobile 500 merchant, grew mobile sales in 2013


How much of total e-commerce sales for comes from mobile

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