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Mobile App & Site Design

With new app, buy anything online from any retailer in one touch

Retailers now can send offers to ScanLife app users based on scans

Engaging with the mobile consumer


Mobile Company News

Wal-Mart hires a Vudu practitioner

A branding nightmare causes a mobile wallet to change its name

Retailers have more options for communicating with store shoppers via their phones


Mobile Device News

What Amazon’s smartphone means for e-retailers

Mayday! Mayday! Amazon tablet users love the Mayday support option

With iOS 8, Apple brings one-touch checkout to the masses


Mobile Marketing

Rue La La leverages mobile user data for increased sales

Growth soars for mobile couponing app Shopular

Paid search is going mobile in a big way


Mobile Performance Management

Barnes & Noble’s mobile commerce site breaks the rules—but still succeeds

Wal-Mart uses smart coding to make its mobile web site load faster

How CVS gets away with a slow-loading mobile site


Mobile Sales

Mobile commerce sales via affiliate networks soar

Mobile commerce now accounts for 34% of U.K. web sales

U.S. m-commerce will make up 29% of web sales this year


Mobile Statistics

In mobile commerce, boys like sports and girls like clothes

Wearable mobile device owners are smartphone power users

E-mail trumps social media in driving m-commerce sales



Alibris builds a tablet site centered on search

Tablets become a more popular shopping device

A retailer in India uses tablets to expand its store footprint


Mobile Commerce Technology

How Apple’s iOS 8 will change online shopping

A vendor debuts a mobile-first content management system

Salesforce introduces mobile sales software for store employees



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Angela Edwards / Mobile Commerce

"Gamification": a strategy for building engagement

Consumer brands are creating games that people can play on their mobile devices, inserting the ...


Carin Van Vuuren / B2B E-Commerce

Five best practices for B2B mobile commerce

Companies must design mobile sites specifically for the use cases and needs of B2B customers.