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Affiliate Marketing

How uses affiliates to boost the bottom line

YouTube experts drive $1 million in sales for a video game accessories e-retailer

Rakuten moves to a new Cadence for web marketing


E-mail Marketing

The lessons Jewelry Television learned about holiday e-mails

JackThreads proves deep linking e-mail to apps boosts sales

E-commerce tech firm Windsor Circle raises $5.25 million


International Marketing

Lowe’s launches a localized e-commerce site in Mexico

Russia: A massive frontier of e-commerce potential

A new way to sell fertilizer products online to Chinese farmers


Merchandising and Design

The West wins when it comes to European web sales

B2B marketers need to get more involved in creating useful content

WebLinc shifts all new e-retail work to responsive design


Online Marketplaces

eBay launches a global branding campaign

An Italian B2B apparel distributor grows its online marketplace

Andreessen exits eBay's board after sparring with Icahn on spinoff


Search Engine Marketing

Search marketing trends for 2015 include more PLAs

Google throws up a new hurdle for retailers

Google’s paid clicks grow 17% year over year by in Q3


Search Engine Optimization

Power transmission products supplier Rainbow Precision Products goes online

The missing link in mobile marketing

Did Panda really beat up on eBay?


Site Search

World Cup kicks up U.S. soccer-related online shopping 280%

Barneys designs a more personalized site search

Google and AOL each buy online marketing technology and analytic vendors


Social Media

Twitter gets a lot more like Facebook

Facebook opens up its mobile ad Audience Network to all marketers

Facebook cuts back on free exposure for brands


Video/Rich Media

An e-retailer’s video collection drives shoppers to product pages

Kohl’s targets teens on YouTube with help from a DreamWorks division

Amazon buys video game streaming company Twitch


Web Advertising

Predictive analytics vendor Retention Science raises $7 million

Google shoppers are seeing stars

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