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Affiliate Marketing

How uses affiliates to boost the bottom line

YouTube experts drive $1 million in sales for a video game accessories e-retailer

Rakuten moves to a new Cadence for web marketing


E-mail Marketing

JackThreads proves deep linking e-mail to apps boosts sales

E-commerce tech firm Windsor Circle raises $5.25 million

What Gmail making the ‘unsubscribe link’ more prominent means to marketers


International Marketing

China’s B2B e-commerce sets a new marketplace revenue record, surpassing $7.36 billion in Q2

Online sales decline at B2B marketplace firm Global Sources

Facebook signs a deal with an Indian ad agency


Merchandising and Design redesigns its site and records a 12% bump in average order value

A retailer’s wholesale e-commerce business begins to blossom

Rakuten acquires online shopping service Slice


Online Marketplaces

How The Grommet is populating its wholesale site

Rare comic fetches $3.2 million on eBay

Etsy Wholesale opens for business online


Search Engine Marketing

Major advertisers spend more on Product Listing Ads than text ads

Paid search pays off in a bigger way for online retailers

Google shoppers are seeing stars


Search Engine Optimization

The missing link in mobile marketing

Did Panda really beat up on eBay?

A strategy for boosting B2B conversion rates—and SEO, too


Site Search

World Cup kicks up U.S. soccer-related online shopping 280%

Barneys designs a more personalized site search

Google and AOL each buy online marketing technology and analytic vendors


Social Media

Twitter takes a page from Facebook by changing the way it charges advertisers

Tapping into smartphone users who share photos

Pinterest bolsters its analytics tools


Video/Rich Media

Amazon buys video game streaming company Twitch

Twitter buys an image search startup

Alibaba inks a deal with Lionsgate for a subscription video streaming service


Web Advertising

Predictive analytics vendor Retention Science raises $7 million

Google shoppers are seeing stars

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