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Affiliate Marketing

How uses affiliates to boost the bottom line

YouTube experts drive $1 million in sales for a video game accessories e-retailer

Rakuten moves to a new Cadence for web marketing


E-mail Marketing

Health care marketers get the most love from e-mail subscribers

Retailers lag behind health care and nonprofits on e-mail open rates

Responsys and strengthen their positions as leading e-mail vendors


International Marketing

Chinese online electronics distributor Cogobuy raises $177 million in an IPO

How a Mexico e-retailer aims to get shoppers to pay full price

Samsonite packs a two-pronged e-commerce strategy for China


Merchandising and Design

eBay teams with Sotheby’s for live online auctions

New York advertising and digital marketing firm CHR Group acquires an e-commerce design firm

Google Glass is now in stock


Online Marketplaces

eBay will auction off a rare comic treasure

eBay teams with Sotheby’s for live online auctions

Online lodging service Airbnb opens its doors to business clients


Search Engine Marketing

Paid search pays off in a bigger way for online retailers

How luxury brands leverage paid search

Paid search spending jumps 21% in Q2


Search Engine Optimization

The missing link in mobile marketing

Did Panda really beat up on eBay?

A strategy for boosting B2B conversion rates—and SEO, too


Site Search

World Cup kicks up U.S. soccer-related online shopping 280%

Barneys designs a more personalized site search

Google and AOL each buy online marketing technology and analytic vendors


Social Media

Mobile ads now account for 57% of Facebook’s revenue

Pinterest acquires ‘visual organization’ tool Icebergs

Mobile ads account for 81% of Twitter’s ad revenue


Video/Rich Media

Alibaba inks a deal with Lionsgate for a subscription video streaming service

How lightened up video management

Facebook increases its focus on online videos with an acquisition


Web Advertising

Don't forget to "feed" Google

Facebook’s ad targeting is getting even richer

Shopzilla creates a new targeted marketing unit



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