Online retail sites in the bets of taste

The eight food and drug retailers in this year’s Hot 100 offer unique content, features or functions, and engage consumers with an online shopping experience that is both easy to use and informative.



Why They're Hot:

The web home for U.K. grocer Tesco provides lots of food information so shoppers can get their questions answered easily. How long will that fresh pork roast last in the fridge? A label on the product photo says 5+ days. The product page provides storage details, nutritional info and preparation instructions. Recommendations appear, telling shoppers which other products go nicely with the roast. The site's "Real Food" section provides recipes on what to do with leftovers; clicking the recipe loads a page with the required ingredients separated into two sections: "you'll probably need these" and "you've probably got these" for pantry staples. The shopping tools on—and its mobile shopping app—mean consumers never have to make a frantic dash to the store.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2000
  • Unique Visitors:NA
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