Wrapping around what they know

For the 10 specialty e-retailers in the Hot 100, selling online isn’t just about merchandising and design, it is about figuring out what their customers’ desire and finding interesting ways to meet those needs.



Why They're Hot:

Tattly sells temporary tattoos designed to impress a wide range of shoppers, from children to design-conscious professionals. Tina Roth Eisenberg, the creator of web design blog Swissmiss, founded the company and applies her eye for design to both the tattoos sold on the site and the site's layout. Eisenberg started Tattly after being frustrated with her daughter's "hideous" temporary tattoos. "Being a designer and having a great network of illustrators," she says, "it was just easy for me to change that." Simple and effective touches make the site fun and easy to shop, like an add-to-cart button next to every photo and mouse-over technology that allows shoppers to scroll over a tattoo design thumbnail to see the design displayed on a model's skin without leaving the category or home page.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2011
  • Unique Visitors:NA
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