The ‘cool factor’ is crucial

Retailers in the health and beauty category looking to grow their online sales might want to look to these six merchants for some intriguing ways to sell online items most often bought offline.



Why They're Hot: is an online beauty retailer owned by Walgreen Co. that sells more than 250 brands of premium beauty products to customers in the United States and internationally. Following the principle of simplicity,'s design has a very clear, easy-to-follow navigation scheme. Consumers can search and browse products from the home page five different ways, including by brand or skin concern. First-time visitors can take a Product Advisor quiz and get customized product recommendations for whatever concerns them. For example, there's a five-question quiz for consumers looking to fade sun spots on their skin; another is for consumers interested in self-tanners. A clear and organized directory helps categorize products and meet the demands of a broad range of customers.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:1997
  • Unique Visitors:157,324
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
Who They're Using: