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Hot 100 retailers that sell office supplies are working hard to wow customers with expanded product lines and personalized web shopping features.



Why They're Hot:

One way to get a quick headache is to start thinking about self-designing and creating postcards, calendars or other printed materials. But within a few seconds on, it becomes apparent that such tasks aren't so difficult. Big hero shots flash across the site's home page to convey the message that the site is user-friendly. When a shopper clicks into any product section he finds easy-to-follow instructions for uploading his own designs and images; or he can work with stock designs and images on a ready-made template. And for the shopper looking to craft something special, there are also advanced tools to make more elaborately designed printed materials. To top things off, the site explains how it uses "eco-friendly" printing processes that save clean air, water and forests.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2002
  • Unique Visitors:379,068
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