A personal touch

The e-retailers selected for the Hot 100 are nurturing sales by investing in personalization technology that helps consumer find the titles they are likely to enjoy.



Why They're Hot:

Realizing that college students are most concerned about convenience and saving money when they turn to the web to buy textbooks, online bookseller Alibris has added a feature to help them fill all their class needs at once, says general manager Madhav Mehra. With "best price" bundles, a student can enter the ISBN numbers of all the books she's looking for and receive a list optimized for the best price and quality among the new and used titles in Alibris' marketplace. Then, in one click, she can add all of them to her cart. The retailer is also working on a new feature to help point out the differences in textbook editions to students to help them decide whether the cheaper, older version will do or if the latest book is a must, Mehra says.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:1997
  • Unique Visitors:2,094,000
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