Translating touch and feel online

Toys and sporting goods might be among the most touchable of products, and the e-retailers profiled for the category this year are figuring out non-tactile ways to encourage consumers to buy online.



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Athletic gear brand Mizuno caters to serious runners who need their shoes to fit well with a multifaceted section of its web site called "Find your perfect shoe." There, shoppers can opt to browse through all Mizuno models, enter the brand of another shoe they wear to receive Mizuno brand suggestions or hit a Start From Scratch button for a questionnaire that simulates a professional fitting. That questionnaire is available in 12 languages. Each step includes a video tutorial on the right side of the page that shows a shopper how to measure her foot shape, stride and body structure. After reviewing a summary of the results and a product recommendation, she can click through for more details, reviews, testimonials and a Q&A section moderated by Mizuno.

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