Wrapping around what they know

For the 10 specialty e-retailers in the Hot 100, selling online isn’t just about merchandising and design, it is about figuring out what their customers’ desire and finding interesting ways to meet those needs.



Why They're Hot:

MadeCollection.com knows its niche. As an upscale kitchen and home products retailer that only sells items produced in the United States, the web site gives shoppers deep insights into where the products it sells are made and by whom. For instance, each product page includes a "boom points" score that purports to show the total economic impact of the purchase. The site also details how many people are employed at the manufacturer that produced the item, shows where the item was produced on a U.S. map, and describes the manufacturer's history. A "stories" page covers far-reaching subjects including the environment, its own cooking products and recipes, and—at Halloween—a list of candies produced by manufacturers with unionized employees. Videos also show how manufacturers make select products sold on the site.

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