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With lots of growth potential, today’s apparel and accessories retailers are hard at work adding tools, features and technologies to their sits to make online shopping appealing.



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Shoppers on can peruse the luxury designer's selection of handbags, accessories, shoes and more and learn how best to pack them in—what else—Louis Vuitton luggage. "The Art of Packing" microsite lets visitors select a luggage style, view a description of the piece and see how to open and pack it efficiently. Consumers can watch a demonstration of optimal packing or folding, or they can click on individual items and pack the bag themselves. As each piece of clothing, pair of shoes or accessory moves into the suitcase, corresponding packing tips display on the page, telling shoppers to place heavier items on the bottom and delicate pieces on top, for example. It's a fun exercise and there's no pressure to buy any of the packed merchandise.

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  • Date Launched:2000
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