Online retail sites in the bets of taste

The eight food and drug retailers in this year’s Hot 100 offer unique content, features or functions, and engage consumers with an online shopping experience that is both easy to use and informative.



Why They're Hot:

Flour and baking products manufacturer, King Arthur Flour, founded in 1790, is among the oldest American companies. But it is a pioneer in web site design. is one of the few fully responsive e-commerce sites. The site affords an intuitive, pleasing and inspiring experience. Its formula for design is to keep it simple and straightforward so that it can automatically adapt to different devices, from PCs to mobile phones and still look good. After it completed its responsive redesign project, the site quadrupled its mobile traffic and doubled mobile sales. The site also improved search functions this year, and creative navigation further lets consumers shop according to how they will use King Arthur products, such as for "make, freeze, and bake" recipes.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:1990
  • Unique Visitors:1,170,000
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
Who They're Using: