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The eight food and drug retailers in this year’s Hot 100 offer unique content, features or functions, and engage consumers with an online shopping experience that is both easy to use and informative.



Why They're Hot:

Subscription cocktail supplies retailer Julibox does more than provide a monthly package of hand-selected spirits, mixers and recipes. On its web site, the retailer features videos of professional bartenders in their workplaces demonstrating and explaining the best way to pour, mix and shake a drink to perfection. The e-retailer's blog gives further details about the history of the cocktails it features and the spirits in them. Another section on the site provides full bios of each Julibox product buyer. In addition to subscriptions, shoppers can buy one-off collections from past months, like the August 2013 "RumFest" box, while supplies last, for $45 apiece; subscribers pay $40. Julibox also gives discounts to subscribers who sign up for multiple months of deliveries at once.

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