Translating touch and feel online

Toys and sporting goods might be among the most touchable of products, and the e-retailers profiled for the category this year are figuring out non-tactile ways to encourage consumers to buy online.



Why They're Hot:

When custom bike maker Heritage Bicycle launched e-commerce operations in early 2012, the challenge was to create a site that fit with its philosophy of minimal design and simplicity, but could handle advanced functions like creating and buying a custom bicycle online. The retailer built a simple, clean-looking site with a lot of white space, so as to leave out anything that got in the way of highlighting the product, says Matt Osborne of Digital Baltoro, which designed and developed the site for Heritage. An online customization tool allows shoppers to easily move step by step through the design process. He can customize paint and tire color, add storage racks and choose from several brake, gear and fender options. He can also share an image of his creation on Facebook or Twitter before buying.

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