New ways to meet customers’ needs

These mass merchant e-retailers in this year’s Hot 100 are rolling out a steady stream of features that spur shoppers to make a purchase.



Why They're Hot:

While the vast majority of Dollar Tree Inc.'s sales come from its 4,842 stores, it isn't ignoring the web. The single-price retailer, which began selling online in late 2011, now offers more than 3,300 items online, and, reflecting its knowledge about its value-focused customers, offers free shipping with in-store pick-up. Further, is bilingual. Spanish speakers need only click a "Dollar Tree en Español" tab displayed prominently at the top of the home page to instantly render the site in Spanish. When clicked, virtually everything—product pages, customer service pages, even the wording on the Zoom button—save consumer-written product reviews, is translated into Spanish.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:NA
  • Unique Visitors:1,318,067
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