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With lots of growth potential, today’s apparel and accessories retailers are hard at work adding tools, features and technologies to their sits to make online shopping appealing.



Why They're Hot:

If you've got it, flaunt it. That's what Burberry does on its e-commerce site. The fabled provider of luxury clothing since 1856 lets its apparel sell itself. Of course, the photography is fashion-mag grade and there are subtle touches throughout the site that make it seem almost reasonable to spend $3,595 on a sartorial wool topcoat, such as discreet videos that put the model wearing the coat into motion. Certain products offer the option to "explore the technology": mousing over the product reveals line drawings illustrating how the garment is made, along with explanatory text. For those keen to be in the know, fashion show videos highlight coming fashions. Like what's being modeled? Click on "the look" to see more views, and to share your ardor with friends on social networks.

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