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With lots of growth potential, today’s apparel and accessories retailers are hard at work adding tools, features and technologies to their sits to make online shopping appealing.



Why They're Hot:

Ideally consumers would plan ahead when placing large, custom shirt orders. But Blue Cotton knows that often isn't the case. Shoppers want their custom shirts and they want them fast. That's why the retailer owns its own production equipment, which enables it to turn around orders quickly and keep costs low, says Brad Wayland, co-owner. It also works to keep down shipping costs. It offers free 10-day shipping, and three rush options: five-day shipping, which adds 15% to an order's price; three-day, for 25% more; and one-day, for an additional 40%. The site features a design studio, built with Adobe Flash, which makes it easy to see how text and images will look on the shirt. That helps avoid unwelcome surprises. "Nobody wants to be the guy who ordered 50 shirts that no one likes," Wayland says.

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2003
  • Unique Visitors:18,216
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
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