Leading the mobile charge

This year’s hot 10 mobile retailers have responded to the increasingly mobile consumer with hot new features in designs for their m-commerce sites and apps, along with in-store mobile device deployments.



Why They're Hot:

If there is nothing in your mobile shopping cart at B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio, a tumbleweed rolls through the vast emptiness. Yes, a tumbleweed. It's that extreme attention to detail, along with making mobile shopping fun (there are more kooky animations), that makes B&H stand out from the crowd. In November 2013, B&H revamped its iPhone and iPad apps, creating in their place a single universal app, rare in retail, which renders to fit any mobile device running Apple's iOS. The app offers stunning, high-quality pictures to devices with Apple's super-high-definition Retina Display screen. Also in November, B&H debuted a responsive design web site that creates visually stimulating and eminently easy shopping experiences tailored for smartphones and tablets.

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