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With lots of growth potential, today’s apparel and accessories retailers are hard at work adding tools, features and technologies to their sits to make online shopping appealing.



Why They're Hot:

Fashion retailer Betabrand this summer launched a crowdfunding program whereby consumers commit to buy a design by preauthorizing Betabrand to charge their credit cards for the stated amount. Once it gets the minimum number of commitments, Betabrand puts the charge through, makes the product and ships it. If an item doesn't get fully funded, no one pays and the item isn't made. Early funders get the biggest discounts, upward of 30%, says vice president of marketing Aaron Magness. The retailer gives 30 days to fund a prototype, but several items took just four to five days to reach their goal, he says, and that helps with demand planning. "We know the demand is high enough that we need to order more now versus ordering products nine months out."

Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2009
  • Unique Visitors:24,424
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
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