Internet Retailer's 2013 Europe 500 Guide:
our Passport to European E-Commerce Intelligence

Combined web sales for the 500 leading e-retailers in Europe grew 16.62% in 2012 to $122.87 billion (93.74 billion euros) from $105.36 billion (80.38 billion euros) in 2011, according to the Internet Retailer 2013 Europe 500, the only research publication that comprehensively ranks and profiles the 500 largest web merchants in the 27-member European Union—and beyond—based on 2012 online sales and other metrics. This 400-page trusted industry resource, now in its third edition, has expanded content by 25%—a fitting correlation to burgeoning e-commerce growth in Europe overall, where web retailing strongholds such as Germany, France and the U.K. compete against market entrants from eastern Europe as well as against the U.S.-based e-retailers that have claimed Europe 500 spots, chiefly Inc., whose 2012 European web sales totaled $16.11 billion dollars (12.29 billion euros), a 25.13% increase from 2011 web sales of $13.50 billion (10.30 billion euros).

Online retailing competitors looking to survey the collective terrain of European e-commerce will find a world of exclusive proprietary information in the 2013 Europe 500—data not available from any other source. The 2013 Europe 500's new and updated rankings include financial, operating and marketing metrics as well as company names, addresses and phone numbers of corporate headquarters, and names of nearly 800 e-commerce executives in charge of these elite companies. Each of the 500 ranked and profiled e-retailers in the 2013 Europe 500 guide have 177 data elements, including metrics such as these:

  • 2012 Internet sales (basis of ranking)
  • Social networking affiliations
  • E-mail marketing campaign data
  • Shopper demographics
  • List of web site features and functions
  • Customer service features
  • Monthly web traffic and unique visitors
  • Vendors used in key solutions areas
  • Conversion rates
  • Top web management
  • Payment types accepted, including cards and alternative methods
  • Web site speed rating
  • Online availability rating
  • Performance consistency online
  • Average sales ticket on web
  • Name of corporate parent
  • Number of SKUs on the site
  • Merchandising category
  • All URLs utilized


The State of European E-Commerce

  • German retail conglomerate Otto Group (No. 2 in the Europe 500) is the parent company of U.S. home furnishings retailer Crate & Barrel, which ranks No. 68 in the 2013 Top 500 Guide.
  • The combined sales of all U.S. web merchants ranked in the Europe 500 grew year over year 14.08% to $27 billion (20.60 billion euros) from $23.67 billion (18.06 billion euros), and accounted for 21.9% of all Europe 500 sales.
  • eBay processes more than 30,000 orders by Russian shoppers each day; in 2012, Russian consumers purchased $400 million worth of goods on eBay’s sites, up 54% from 2011.


Digital Edition

Internet Retailer offers research publications in an interactive digital format. The digital version of the 2013 Europe 500 is not simply an e-book or PDF; there are several value-added custom features available with this digital edition. When you purchase your guide electronically, you can zoom in and flip through pages with ease. An easily navigable interface allows much faster access to data. For example, the list in the table of contents instantly links users to the pages containing each company’s profile, and every URL listed in each e-retailer profile is hyperlinked to that retailer’s web site, making it easy to move from the profile and data reported on a particular site to that site itself. A keyword search function allows digital subscribers to find all references to a certain word or phrase, enabling users, for example, to search all web sites that use a certain e-commerce solution provider.

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Key Features

  • Sales Figures2012 web sales of the 500 largest e-retailers

  • Detailed Map18 of the largest countries broken down by e-commerce metrics

  • Thorough AnalysisKey financial, operations, payments & performance metrics

  • Industry ContactsNames of nearly 800 e-commerce executives

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