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China 500 Guide


1. Retailer Insight

Summary of each China 500 retailer’s marketing, merchandising and business development strategy.

2. Financial

A multi-year history of each retailer's annual web sales and latest growth rate.

3. Web Site Summary

Defines the retailer’s merchant type, merchandising category and other summary data.

4. Corporate Information

Headquarters address and contact information of each company, along with the top e-commerce executive.

5. Operations

The key traffic, ticket and conversion rate statistics that drive e-retail sales.

6. Features & Functions

A breakdown of key web site e-commerce functions.

7. Customer Service

How China 500 e-retailers stack up in 20 customer service categories.


How fast the top 10 Chinese online retailers grew sales in 2013

83%’s 2013 e-commerce sales growth rate

298 mil

The number of online shoppers in China


The e-commerce percentage of all Chinese retail sales

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2013 sales of the 500 largest China e-retailers

  • Thorough AnalysisEach retailer’s key financial, operations, web site services and other metrics

  • Industry Contacts763 e-commerce executive names

  • Social MediaTop 50 by followers of Sina Weibo, China’s top social network

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