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B2B Market Trends

A curated design marketplace is on the drawing board

Making the case to sell to consumers as well as businesses

Alibaba rules Chinese B2B marketplace sales


B2B Company News

A B2B marketplace startup gets $10 million in funding

Alibaba’s revenue from wholesale e-marketplaces increases 23.5%

Investors put $11 million into online payments technology firm Transactis


B2B Marketing

B2B marketers need to get more involved in creating useful content

A new online marketplace lets consultants and other professionals sell their services online

B2B buyers like social media but communicate mainly by e-mail


B2B Technology

A new global move: 3M upgrades its e-commerce technology

A new tool for manufacturers to monitor brands and prices on the web

Stitch Labs has big plans for helping multichannel wholesalers and retailers


B2B Operations

A summit’s call to distributors: It’s time to innovate online

How a distributor increased online orders fivefold

Archer Daniels Midland cultivates its handling of purchase orders and invoices


B2B Personnel

Veterans of e-commerce launch Loop Integration

Intershop rebuilds its North American management team

The merger of two big Aussie e-commerce players has a strong B2B component



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