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B2B Market Trends

Amazon and eBay grow their B2B online sales

Many B2B buyers prefer the web for researching and purchasing

Digital strategies play a growing role in companies’ growth plans


B2B Company News

TigerDirect launches a B2B conference

A snacks manufacturer rolls out a new web and social media strategy

Grainger’s Q2 web sales climb 15%


B2B Marketing

A new set of tools for matching Amazon and managing Google

Health care marketers get the most love from e-mail subscribers

Build.com uses ‘big data’ to build revenue


B2B Technology

Logistics vendor moves the booking process from the phone to the web

Wholesale Accessory Market increases revenue 33% on new e-commerce site

Italy’s JUSP rolls out a new mobile payments service for sales reps


B2B Operations

Finding the right online recipe for a growing cake products wholesaler

A decades-old retail chain offers B2B sales on its first e-commerce site

A baby products company nurtures its profits by closely monitoring card fees


B2B Personnel

Procurement pros want help

Women’s work: female purchasing chiefs report higher wages than men

Staples shuffles its B2B executive team



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