January 29, 2014, 11:26 AM

Make sure to send the teacher an apple you bought online

SmartOn enables students from around the world to learn about e-commerce business models, consumer behavior and more.

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SmartOn, an educational technology company, will offer its first e-commerce and digital technology course starting next month. The online course is called “Basics of Digital Commerce.”

The course is a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, a class that allows an unlimited number of participants in any location, and is being offered on Canvas Network, an online education site and the second biggest MOOC provider in the world, according to education technology information provider EdSurge. The course is completely online and will include group discussions, guided practice sessions and assessments.  Students complete the coursework on their own time, in any location.

Students can enroll in the course for free, and instruction takes place between Feb 17 and March 15.  The course is being offered in part to spark interest in SmartOn’s full certificate program, which is a paid six-month program. 

The course provides introduction to key concepts, business models and trends in e-commerce, according to the course description.  The course will also teach participants how to start an online store using e-commerce technology from Shopify. Diamond Candles, No. 791 in the 2013 Second 500 Guide, and PupLife.com, No. 996, list Shopify as their e-commerce platform provider.

As of today, approximately 400 people from more than 20 countries have enrolled in the course, and SmartOn expects at least 2,000 people to sign up by Feb. 17, a spokeswoman says.  SmartOn also says it will offer mentoring by “experts in the sector” to top-performing participants in the course.  SmartOn did not identify those experts.

“The motivation in offering this course is to create an opportunity for education in subjects where the need is significant and current available options are minimal,” says a SmartOn spokeswoman.

SmartOn says it also developing courses in entrepreneurship, cyber security and data analytics.

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