October 3, 2012, 10:16 AM

How retailers can make their mobile apps stand out

MMCF 2012 speakers will talk about how to promote m-commerce.

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Cole Mercer

Like any product a retailer has to offer, its smartphone or tablet app has to be promoted in order for consumers to know about it and use it. Figuring out the best way to do that can be daunting, especially as consumers have hundreds of thousands of apps to wade through in the Apple and Android app stores. At the 2012 Internet Retailer Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum in San Diego next week in a session entitled “New frontiers in app promotion—removing the guesswork," speakers Cole Mercer, director of marketing at Lemon Inc., and  Craig Palli, vice president of business development at Fiksu, will dig into the world of apps for Apple iOS and Android devices. Lemon is a mobile wallet app developer. Fiksu specializes in mobile app marketing.

The presentation will focus on Lemon’s experience as it navigated its way through the complex maze of the mobile app ecosystem, Mercer says. They’ll talk about how a company such as Fiksu, with the right expertise and technology, helped Lemon understand the metrics most important to its business. “We will also discuss differences in iOS and Android app marketing and the importance of having a heightened awareness of the changing mobile environment as we share our firsthand experience with how very recent changes in Apple's iOS 6 affect app promotion strategies,” Mercer says.

Attendees will take away a better understanding of what’s involved in promoting apps, especially the importance of the loyal and engaged app user, he says. “You will also take away tactical actions that you can apply to your business now—the tools you need in your pocket to improve your mobile customer acquisition goals,” Mercer says.

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Mercer and Palli to speak because of their expertise in mobile app marketing with both iOS and Android app stores.

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