October 1, 2012, 12:00 AM

The Internet Retailer Survey: Mobile Commerce

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About 40% of all survey respondents are using a vendor to build and maintain their mobile commerce platform. But some online retailers are doing the work themselves. One example is RealTruck.com, which carries an online inventory of about 500,000 SKUs for truck covers and related accessories and expects total e-commerce sales to approach $20.0 million in 2012. The e-retailer spent five months planning for its own platform before launching a full mobile commerce site in late 2011. "We had the talent in-house," says RealTruck.com director of marketing Clay Kraby.

For RealTruck.com the top mobility priority was giving shoppers a quicker way to scan for product information and place an order. "Many of our customers might know they want a cover for the bed of their Ford F-150 pickup so they want to use the smartphone to access the site and quickly find the make and model of their vehicle and place an order," Kraby says. "Streamlining checkout was a big deal for us when we went mobile."

In 2012, RealTruck.com expects mobile sales to increase about 142.4% to $1.2 million from $495,000 in 2011. With its mobile commerce program expected to generate as much as 6% of total revenue in 2012, RealTruck.com is developing a version of its mobile site for iPads and other tablets.

The retailer will continue to place a strong emphasis on mobile commerce. "We expect to see a lot more tremendous growth going forward," Kraby says. "Mobile is opening up some big opportunities."

As the survey results show, many retailers agree.

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