December 16, 2011, 10:00 AM

Retailers put out the ‘help wanted’ sign for e-commerce technology workers

54.6% of web merchants plan to expand their e-commerce staffs next year.

Mark Brohan

Research Director

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Hiring more e-commerce employees is a top budgeting priority next year for many online retailers, according to research contained in Internet Retailer’s new 2012 Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology. The research finds that 54.6% of web merchants plan to expand their e-commerce staffs next year. Of those, 26.9% will add one new employee, 51.9% from two to five employees, 9.6% from five to 10 and 11.6% more than 10.

Most online retailers taking part in the research operate their e-commerce program with a small staff—29.2% have just one full-time employee, compared with 38.5% from two to five, 14.6% from five to 10, 4.2% from 10 to 20, 2.1% from 20 to 50 and 6.3% more than 50. (5.1% outsource e-commerce entirely and have no employees dedicated to the web.)

But regardless of their size most web merchants are looking to hire specialists, especially programmers. 36.1% of retailers say their biggest personnel need is for more programmers, followed by 20.6% with a top priority of hiring more search engine marketing or site optimization employees, and 19.6% needing more designers.

The top e-commerce decision-maker at 57.3% of companies participating in the survey published in the 2012 Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology is the CEO or president. But hiring more seasoned e-commerce professionals or bringing in talented newcomers that can be trained on the job is just one item on a big list of technology spending decisions the top e-retailing manager will make in 2012.

E-commerce executives will also be deciding how best to expand mobile commerce, fully integrate their e-commerce infrastructure and deploy a new platform. The survey finds 71.9% of merchants will invest more in mobile commerce next year, including 14.7% that will spend $100,000 or more on mobile shopping initiatives. 56.2% of merchants also expect to replace their e-commerce platform in the next 24 months, including 13.5% in the next year and 22.9% within six months.

The fact-filled 416-page 2012 Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology contains business profiles and vital product, pricing and retailer client details on more than 1,200 application developers and service providers in 23 e-commerce market segments. The Guide also contains the names and contact information of 4,000 executives at all of America's e-commerce technology vendors.  Click here for more information about the contents and to order.

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  • It's fantastic to hear that companies will be hiring in 2012! Improving productivity is also important, and a multi-carrier shipping system saves a lot of time and money in the shipping department. If you are manually entering shipping data, looking up shipping rates, or manually entering completed shipping data, the right shipping software can do that work for you. Not only that, but some shipping software can choose the best shipping rates from three major carriers instantly, guaranteeing that you are getting the best rate for every single package. Double-check your shipping process and see if there's room for improvement.

  • Looks to be an exciting year for many online retailers. Ecommerce as a whole continues to revolutionize the entire shopping experience. Consumers are demanding a more personalized shopping experience across all multi-channel experiences. It's an exciting time with a rapidly changing market place. For all online retailers, keep pushing your technology partners to develop new strategies, because it should not be about best practices but "Next Practices." Retailers should not be satisfied with the status quo in this evolving industry. Continue to learn and push the limits of the shopping experience, it will pay dividends for both your company and you personally.

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